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Irrigation Systems Analysis

Pre-Design Considerations

1. Site dimensions and water availability

When you are planning to irrigate a defined space in the landscape you need to know the area and the shape of the space where water is to be applied. This information will help determine your choices for the type of water emitter (sprinkler, drip). The water supply is also important in terms of quantity (volume) that is available and its pressure. Water quality is very important. Water quality can be described in terms of Electrical Conductivity (EC), ion concentrations (Na+2, HCO3-, Ca+2, Cl-), pH, and/or insoluble particulates.

2. Water emitter selection

Overhead sprinklers or some type of drip system may be used to irrigate plants in the landscape. Irrigation system design recommendations (spacing arrangement and distances) based on tests of sprinkler heads' (emitters) distribution patterns are generally available from manufacturers and/or suppliers.

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